Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today we got a awesome message from a girl named Rebecca.
Here's a little bit of what she said in the message..

"My name is Rebecca Christian, and I am the author of Modestia. ( My girlfriend Jessica Rey, the designer of Rey swimwear told me about your site the other day and it is amazing! I can't believe you and Sara are so young!"

She is so nice, she even wrote a post about us on her blog! Check it out :)

Also, her friend Jessica Rey has a AWESOME modest bathing suit website!
Check it out!
They are the cutest modest bathing suits we've seen! seriously.
We found out that she is also a actress/model and she happens to be the one that told Rebecca about our site. She was a POWER RANGER! That's AWESOME! :) haha

Well we thought we should share that with you all!

OH, and if you have a dream. dont. give. up. Dreams DO come true!

Ok. Talk to you all soon :)

-Katelyn Rose & Sara

P.S. We will continue to post more blogs so look out for them! AND don't forget to become a member on if you haven't already. ;)
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