Friday, March 6, 2009

Well today we happen to talk to Jessica Rey


Well today we happen to talk to Jessica Rey (the power ranger haha) on the phone and she was SO nice! She loves Suddenly Darling and wants to help out, such a blessing! We will be interviewing her soon so be on the look out for that :)
She also wants Sara and I to help style models at a fashion show she will be having soon. Which is unbelievable.
We are so overwhelmed with all the opportunities we have been getting and we are so thankful!
So remember, if you have a dream GO FOR IT! Don't give up. :)
Anyways, we will be talking to her next week again to get more of the scoop so we will let you guys know!

OH and if you haven't looked at Jessica Reys swim wear yet, check it out!
ADORABLE bathing suits!

We hope you guys had an awesome day!

Chat with you soon :)

-Katelyn Rose & Sara

P.S. Comment and tell us what your dream is! We want to hear them :)
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