Friday, April 3, 2009

Back from LA

We are back from LA! Sorry I haven't been on. It was a busy weekend!
I'll tell you a little about what we did...

Saturday-before we interviewed Katelyn Tarver, we met her at the Coffee Bean and got a drink and chatted with her before we all drove to the bus.
She is SO much fun!
We got to the bus and did the interview and it went great! I can't wait for you guys so see it. We will have it up soon.
After we hung out a little at the bus, we dropped her off at the Coffee Bean and went to our favorite thrift store called JetRag.
We are planning to film a little something there.... but I can't give any details about that yet.

After JetRag, we went to check into our hotel...well it wasn't the best hotel to stay at.
The rooms were pretty shocking. I'll leave it at that. HAHA!

After we settled in (or tried) we got something to eat and then went back to get ready for the Honor Society concert.
They were FANTASTIC! They covered Single Ladies which was so awesome! HAHA!
Those guys are very very talented.
Katelyn Tarver and a lot more celebs attended the show. It was nice seeing her again!

We went to our favorite yogurt place, PINKBERRY, after the show.
Then went back to our hotel to get some sleep which I FAILED to do. Oh well.

Sunday was a full day of shoppin' and eatin'. We also took some pics. I uploaded some on my flickr so you all can check them out if you'd like

My mum and I stayed with my brother sunday night at his apartment in Toluca Lake. Thankfully, I got some sleep! YESSS!

Monday, we went on the Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 (the squeakquel) set to do some Extra work.
We were there all day acting like we were at a concert screaming for the Chipettes which really turned out to be RATS. Real ones.
yea..see the movie. It comes out on Christmas.

SO after screaming, running, clapping, acting disgusted, booing, yelling, and laughing for 8 hours on set, it was time for a good hamburger at Mo's restaurant.
Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston happened to walk in and eat there too. They are so cute!
After Miley laughed at us in the parking lot (very funny, had to be there) we drove home.

I'm so blessed we got to go up! It was SO much fun!

So that was our busy busy weekend!
Sorry I typed so much

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! Do anything fun? Tell me! I want to hear about it

-Katelyn Rose
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