Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vintage Inspired Dresses

Vintage Inspired Dresses
Vintage Inspired Dresses - Darling Tights
On this lovely day I wore an oversized long sleeve striped shirt tucked in my linen bow shorts, floral tights, rosy pink pumps and clipped an off-white flower in my hair! I finished my look by layering gold chain necklaces and pearls.

Where to Find This Vintage Style
Yes, this outfit is for all you girls who like to take chances! I found an oversized striped shirt from TopShop, linen shorts from Forever 21, antique rose tights from ModCloth, cream colored pumps from Target, and a gold heart necklace and pearl necklace from Forever 21.

Vintage Inspired Dress

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  1. LOVEEEE those tights! i mean the whole outfit pretty much rocks my stars but yeah, the tights are RAD.